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Things That are Much More Painful They They Should Be

Stepping on a nail or screw is a bad example but there are plenty of things in life that hurt waaaaay more than they should. It's dumb. What would you add to the list?

-Hitting that point on the top of your head with open cupboard door, even the memory of it hurts

-Ingrown toenails!

-Unexpected hit to the nose. Doesn't even have to be that hard. Makes you tear up even as a sting fills the front of your face.

-Stubbing your goddamn toe, especially your pinky toe.

-Getting stabbed by a Dorito in the upper ceiling of the mouth.

-Getting stabbed by a chip between your gum and teeth.

-Being hungover in your 30s. It didn't even come gradually, One Sunday you're walking on sunshine and the next you walk through the valley of the shadow of Death...not fair.

-Ingrown hairs

-The random toe cramp where your foot keeps cramping and you don't know how to unfold your toes out from the sole of the foot

-Teeth sensitivity

-Biting the same spot in your mouth over again...this one makes me angry.

-Paper cut

-Also hand sanitizer on a paper cut.

-Getting up to go to work on Monday morning

-Hitting your shin. Why were we built with zero shin protection?? Looking at you, trailer hitches.

-Those tiny bits of skin next to your nails that peel off

-Hitting the back of your hand on something as you walk by. I did that on a metal sink a couple times at work. Metal corner right into the bone on the back of the hand. Excruciatingly painful.

-I accidentally hit the top of my knuckles on a wooden drawer as I was working and the next morning I woke up in excruciating pain and a swollen hand, I couldn’t even open my hand without some pain relievers. It took about an entire year for it to fully heal. I’m sure I probably should have gone to a doc about it but I feel better now.

-Pimples you get inside your nose

-Burning your tongue. I swear it hurts for the next week

-That muscle cramp you get in your leg out of nowhere while you're sleeping. It's so painful I jump around in my bed the same way a fish does when it's pulled out of the water.

-Brain freeze. Nothing about eating ice cream should be remotely painful.

-Pregnancy. I don't know if it's normal but everything that fucker did hurt. He kicked my bladder, he kept a foot in my lungs and one in my stomach so I couldn't breathe or eat. Dragged his feet down my ribs every chance he got. Tried to stretch far enough to break out. Squished my intestines to the point i would go two or three WEEKS without taking a shit. And no doctor would take any symptoms not pregnancy related seriously even if they existed before because I guess everything is normal for pregnancy. I get the birth part sucks but the pregnancy is supposed to be at least mildly pleasant right?

-Biting your tongue.

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