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Husband Gets Extremely iLL and Wife Does NOTHING!

I can't imagine what it would be like to have a lactose intolerance or worse, a dairy allergy...wait...I can actually. I'm allergic to beef and pork. Although, trying to avoid dairy would seem to be much more difficult than hooved animals.

Even with my allergy, I still eat the occasional piece of bacon or bite of premium cut of steak. A small amount doesn't do anything but a large amount will put me in bed feeling like there is a hot ball of molten lava in my stomach. I don't have time for that and neither does my wife or kids. This guy on the other hand, he's a real piece of work and his wife finally put him in his place.

Imagine having the nerve to ruin your wife's day off so you can intentionally make yourself sick. I'm amazed at how some people end up with their significant others. But she wasn't having it. Not this time, guy.

What a huge a-hole. Doesn't even care. He thinks she'll help him anyway. The pizza doesn't even sound good.


Don't feel guilty, he did it to himself. I really hope this guy has learned his lesson. The peanut gallery agreed that this guy deserved everything he got.

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