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Dad Take 'Clean Plate Club' Too Far, Son Gets Revenge

If you want to have you kids develop an unhealthy relationship with food, there are two surefire ways to do that:

1) Teach them that there are good food and bad foods.

2) Force them to eat everything on their plate at every meal.

The second one is usually enforced while serving your child a portion of food that is much too large for their size. As a kid, my dad hated peas and would sit at the dinner table for an hour until my grandmother finally let him leave.

In this story, the poster got tired of not being allowed to leave the table until he finished his plate when being served food that he didn't like. So, he found a loophole.

Everyone remember this: Your Body is NOT a Garbage Can. Dinnertime shouldn't be torture. Overeating is terrible for you, especially when you're being force to do it by your parents. If your kid isn't eating all their food, maybe you're serving them too much food. It would be much better to serve them too little and have them ask for more.

Someone shared another way to deal with parents like this:

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