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Extremely Useful Websites You Probably Don't Know About

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier but a lot of times, it just complicates life. We have all the information in the world just sitting in our pocket and it's underutilized. If you'd like to take advantage of some of the useful things out there, here they are:

For when you have a picture of a place and want to find out where it is (and reverse image search doesn't help)

If you know what GeoGuessr is, this is the opposite.

It's a reverse dictionary. For when you can describe the thing but can't remember what it's called (and if you search "The inability to remember a word" you'll find the name for the struggle, lethologica")

There are options that let you narrow down the part of speech you want, but it does take a little practice to understand how to the program understands search inquiries. You have to format your description like a definition you would read in a book.

i.e. "can't remember a word" will give you a lot of answers that aren't quite right, but "The inability to remember a word" ticks the right boxes for the search function.

This website creates a downloadable link to any file up to 2gb. super handy!

4. helps you figure out dinner based on what you already have in the house.

5. Just the recipe will remove the life story and ads and give you just the list of ingredients and method.

I absolutely hate having to scroll past someone's entire life story to read a goddamn recipe. By the time I get there, I don't even want to cook anymore.

Access to a curated list of >4000 documentaries that you can watch online for free.

A free photoshop clone that runs entirely in your browser. It has an insanely large amount of features and even has PDF editing capabilities.

Is great for watching movies and shows.

9. for books, articles, and textbooks.

This site tells you how long foods (both opened and unopened) last in the refrigerator.

Don't trust the sell by, use by or especially the "best by" date.

A great tool for cropping out backgrounds for editing.

This is great if you use and end up with a low resolution or smaller image. An AI will double the resolution of your picture.

What kind of glue you use to stick whatever to whatever.

Sign up with Webull and get 2 free stocks worth up to $2300. Click Here...or click the picture. It's basically free money.

Paste the link to any amazon product and get the price history. Great to see if something is really on sale or if you are getting gouged.

Great for when Amazon claims to be having a big on Black Friday.


if you search a book title it will find the closest library that carries it. I was able to find an extremely obscure book at the local college, never would have thought to check there otherwise.

If you ever need a Temporary email account to avoid spam or for any other reason.

Check if your passwords and other data leaked in any data breach.

Useful for checking if a service is down and if other people are having similar issues with a particular service.

For those times when you're tired of wading through an impenetrable menu and just need to talk to a person. Will give you phone numbers and which buttons to push if you want an actual, live human being.

Bypasses paywalls on news sites. Obviously you're still free to pay for access to organizations you want to support, but this is dead useful when you want to know what some tabloid is saying.

21 - Terms of Service, Didn't Read

It basically summarises the terms and conditions for most websites and ranks them on privacy.

22. dafont

Most of the premium fonts for free.

Listen to radio around the world.

Discover shopping deals & discounts across Amazon,Target & Bestbuy

Gives free access to download almost any paper.

This website has every single pc game from the 70's,80's,90's till the early 2000's.

Wondering where that plane, jet, or helicopter is going? Check them out (NOTE :Dont buy anything on that site just use it for further info only)

Tons of free-to-use images of damn near everything.

Shows you all the trade data in the world for imports and exports of goods, raw materials, who provides who with what. Massive amounts of data where you can see exactly what country exports what and who it goes to. Massively interesting (if you're into that)

Has full inventories and cross reference of the 200,000 largest junk yards in North America.

Makes a new person every time you refresh. Not real person, and the photo can be used anywhere.

Open source basic drawing web app that works flawlessly on both mobile and desktop. Super useful for quick sketches or brainstorming.

Online calculator that does every type of equation

You select parts of your body on a diagram that you want to exercise and it gives you a list of exercises to do and includes instructions, videos, and other info.

All Amazon links are affiliate links. We may receive a portion of any item purchased but you're helping to support this website.

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