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10 Thing to Improve Your Life, You'll wish you'd done them sooner

"Become a better you."

"God didn't create you to be average, You were created to excel."

"Stop Making Excuses and start owning your life."

"Happiness doesn't fall into your lap."

Pick whichever BS phrase, that some self-help book author came up with, which works for you, or don't. Either way, here is a list of things you can do to improve your life.

1. Walking

Get out and get some fresh air and exercise. It's an easy way to stay moving. Walk around your block. Walk around a park. Walk around downtown. Walk around the mountains. The possibilities are virtually endless. It's also a great alternative if you don't want to, or can't run...or maybe it will lead up to running. Here are some testimonials of people who added walking to their daily routine.

"After years of trying to run, I simply started walking. 5-7 miles a day in good weather. It is literally life changing in terms of mental and physical health."

"I'm overweight and have a hard time running for longer than 10 seconds, so I opted to walk instead. Much better for me, although heavily slanted hills are a bitch."

2. Adopt Your Block

Adopted my block. ( Instead of being sad about trash everywhere, I go out a couple times a week with a grabber and a bucket and just clean it up. Fresh air, a chance to connect with neighbors in a positive way, eyes on the street, neighborhood looks nicer and feels safer, zero downside.

Adoptoneblock might only be in Oregon, but a picker is like 20 bucks for a good one (I recommend Arcmate brand; they're metal inside and last forever) and 5-gallon buckets are everywhere. Even if you only do the block around your house, it makes a huge difference. Imagine if every block got adopted.

3. Stop Saying Yes to Things You Don't Want to do.

This one is self explanatory. Don't feel bad about it but don't be rude when you decline.

4. Quit your job and move to the Mountains...or the Beach...

Or maybe just a quiet New England or Northern Pacific town by the ocean. If you're tired of the city or the middle of nowhere, consider packing things up and finding a job in a place you'll love living. There's no point in living somewhere if you're miserable there.


If you can't get a good night sleep, it's going to negatively impact the rest of your daily life. You'll wake up cranky and possibly have back or other body pains. This is probably the easiest passive change, you can make in your life, that will have the greatest impact.

Also, if you sleep with another person, buy a King Size mattress. Trust me.

Personally, I prefer a Memory Foam Hybrid but here are some others:

LIFE PRO TIP: All the memory foam mattresses out there have 100 day or so free trials, and there are hundreds of them. If you're willing you do the work, you might never need to pay for a mattress.

6. Quality Shoes/Boots

Same idea as the mattress, especially if you're on your feet a lot or work a trade. Spend a bit more upfront on some boots and they'll last a lot longer and your feet will feel much better.

7. Cut off Toxic People in Your Life...even if they're Family Members

It's liberating, and you don't owe your family members anything. If it's a significant other, you'll find someone new.

8. Quit Smoking/Drinking.

I'm not advocating to stop drinking, unless you're an alcoholic. Just cut back or stop letting your life revolve around going out and getting drunk.

9. Electric Toothbrush

You only get one set of teeth. An electric toothbrush will make them last your entire life...if you use it. Plus, dental work gets expensive.

Just don't buy the cheap ones or the subscription version...

Also, Let me blow your mind and make your Dentist miss more boat payments: FLOSS YOUR TEETH BEFORE YOU BRUSH. Every time. By flossing first you get the particles that are stuck even after brushing out RIGHT AWAY so that the cavity fighting power of your tooth paste has a chance to get to all tooth surfaces.

Imagine that sesame seed and tiny piece of chicken you got out of your back molars after brushing, then think about the parts of the tooth/gum they were keeping blocked off from your brush. If you had freed all that stuff first, that plaque that would have had 12 hours to get to work on your enamel would not have had that chance because floride KILLED it. Sure, the plaque's family will be upset that it never had a chance to live and fulfill its dream of creating a cavity RIGHT THERE, but they knew they were on the wrong side of the debate when they got into the game.

Floss again after you brush for an 'I'm superior to the single flossers' secret feeling. You don't want to parade your double flossing lifestyle out there, you can just feel it in your heart. Something else protected becuase they somehow figured out that plaque in your mouth can become plaque in your heart.

Life saved. You are welcome!

10. Pressure Cooker/Air Fryer Combo

This might sound like an infomercial but these things are amazing. Cook a pot of chili or soup in 15 minutes, then turn around and air fry some chicken wings. You can also sear your meat and then pressure cook it with just the press of a button.

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